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 Maid in Love is a brand from a young Turkish designer. The collection is inspired by sailors and mermaids an we are in love with it! Shop online clothing. T-Shirt denim bomber shirts braid skirt top pirates skirt .Blouse All About The Frill Cropped MAID IN LOVE;Bomber Sailors Beware Oversized Denim MAID IN LOVE;Shirt Is that a Peplum ? Shirt MAID IN LOVE;Skirt Eye In a Box MAID IN LOVE;Skirt Gone Sailing with Pirates MAID IN LOVE;Skirt Like a Braid MAID IN LOVE;T-Shirt Women Badass Sailor MAID IN LOVE;T-Shirt Women Sailor Beware MAID IN LOVE;Top for Women Gone Sailing Knot MAID IN LOVE;Top for Women Like a Braid MAID IN LOVE.